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Friday, May 6, 2011

Get That Tote!

I am loving the whole dress-up thing and I wanted to make sure within this month our family beach reunion will materialize. Sundress, check. Swimsuit, check. Accessories, hmmmnn..what am I missing? Oh ya, an eye-catching, beach-ready arm candy! A new tote to complete my whole new look this summer. I have been to three beaches this time of the year already and I just realized that it's been a part of my ritual already to bring along the same orange woven tote bag I owned for years! Hah! Pity me. So now, I'm in the mood to bring the sultry side of me and look for something that will suit my fun personality. 

I think that for most beach goers, picking the right stash travel essential is taken for granted just as long as they have that beach-buff look. That's cool. But, leaving your essentials behind wouldn't make your beach trip fun. A cool way to start seeking for a look-at-me tote is  online surfing.  I always have a soft spot for marc jacobs handbags. So every time I have my craving for bags, I go gaga in clicking that bookmark button and see what's trending. But today, it's time for some ocean hues and denim hunt. It's the blue denim 'miss marc' printed tote! When I usually go out for beach-hopping, I always take for consideration what's the theme is going to be. As I said earlier, I also want something that flaunts my fun personality. So, I therefore conclude, that this pretty little thing is just perfect for me.  Judging from the designer, marc by marc jacobs' quality products and good sense of  edgy style plus the five star rating reviews, I can tell that I would definitely get lots of compliment of this must -try treat. Pairing it up with a a high-waist denim shorts and a colored-beach inspired tank top with a cool pair of earth sandals will match the whole look book run wild to the store.

My craving did not stop there. I have posted in my previous blog my whole new look for my next beach-hopping session. The two piece had definitely not gone out. This is just to start the day right. :)

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