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Chronicles of A First Time Mom

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Remember that first time?

This is a video of a kid giving a speech after learning how to ride a bike for the very first time. This is so cute. You should watch this.

As for myself, I don't really remember when I first learned how to ride a bike, but I can relate to the kid's overflowing sense of achievement. He probably think he can never do it. But he believed in himself so to speak whilst he came victorious. I qoute: "Everybody, I know you can believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself,  you will know how to ride a bike... If you keep practicing you can get the heck out of it and then you can get better and better... Thumbs up everybody. ROCK N ROLL! "

Hilarious!  I literally clicked the Replay button 10 times! Rock n roll buddy! High five!

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