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Saturday, July 16, 2011

freaking fringes need a trim

 I "absofreakinglutely" need a fringe trimming now! I hate it when fringes grow so fast. I still like my 'dora the explorer' look. But how can I enjoy it with the desired length for a longer period of time? I still can't figure it out. I am more determined to keep my fringes short like that and grow the rest so I can braid it like I've always imagined it to be.


Madhulika said...

well.. i guess while getting you hair trimmed also get them curled lil bit around the edges... It would look pretty...
changes are worth trying :) :)

cutie patootie said...

yea you're right. i just tried curling the ends but I am still longing to have long locks like those I see from celebrities.

Mai Yang said...

I think you look okay :D

cutie patootie said...

Thanks Mai Yang. I appreciate it. <3