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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Look

Hey lovelies!
This will be just some random post to update you about my blog's new look. If you noticed, my blog's interface has been changing a lot lately. That's purely because of my blog addiction. I have loved so many templates and backgrounds before but I still feel that there is something lacking or that I prefer an addition to it and desperately geeking to modify some details but ended giving up because I'm a total L.O.S.E.R {haha}. I am not really good at tweaking so I'm looking for some ways I could make my blog more exciting and appealing, at least to my eyes.. {chuckles.} But I really do think I'd settle with this one. 

I would love to hear your say about it! 


Tessies Hearts said...

I like it, love the colour wcheme and the little bikes :-)

Tessies Hearts said...


maria.anna said...

Thanks Tessie! Those little bikes are awesome!

Tessies Hearts said...

Yeh! It's www.tessies.co.uk I'll be putting lots of new clothing and jewellery on in a couple of days :-D x

clinicoustic said...

soooo cute maria, love it.. :)

Mai Yang said...

I think it's cute :)

CutestPrincess said...

ahh... so cute, i love the color! much better than the last one!