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Monday, September 19, 2011

Brace Free At Last!

My sweethearts, it's already Tuesday at exactly 1:38 AM as of this writing. Did you start the week right yesterday? I did. I was extremely happy yesterday and I just want to share some of my overflowing happiness with you guys. For one reason, Monday is such a good start to reprogram myself of getting up early {fyi: I normally wakes up 'til 11:00 AM - 1:00PM max}. I've been in a habit of oversleeping lately and yeah I love it. C'mon, what's not to love about sleeping? Another reason why I love this day  has got to do with blogging and for posting another entry for my lovely friends to read. And last but not the least is because I got my braces off today! Yayyy! I was really happy with the result of my self-sacrificing spirit and patience. When I got this hardware on my teeth I thought I'll never get through it. The pain lasted for maybe 2-3 weeks. It sucks being in that situation when all I can eat is just a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and rice porridge or vegetable soup for lunch and dinner. But alas! I survived.

Monday. This day brought so much joy to me not only because my teeth look good now but most importantly, I feel a whole lot of lovely inside. Healthy and more confident now that my braces are finally gone. Here's how I look now:
On Lip and Cheek: Candy Peach Sophie Lipstick

If you're dying to see the BEFORE transformation of the new me, wait are you sure you want to see this? Don't blame me if you can't eat after seeing this.. {haha.} here it is:

We all have our moments!!!
My misaligned tooth was clearly visible to every snapshots of me smiling. That is the reason why I hate taking pictures of me. I even had a hard time looking for these two photos in my Facebook album and my friend's album because every single photo that had me smiling, I deleted right away. So most of my photos two years ago if there are any, can be seen with a closed-mouth shy girl with a very low self-esteem

But not anymore. I started to think that I should love myself first before I could rightfully love another person. This is one way of loving myself. To get the best out of me and boost my self-confidence. From then on, I started to make progress and I made a couple of friends. Speaking of progress,here are some of the noticeable improvements during the first six months of having braces.  

Thank you to my tooth fairy Ms. Cathy Domingo-Guico who've been so kind, so lovely, and so beautiful inside/out. I'd be going back to her clinic next Monday for my invisible retainers. I can't wait.

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