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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Shopper, My Dresser, A Food Lover

My sweets! It's the weekend and I'm so excited to keep my blog up and running again! It's been a while since my last post and I want to make up with the lost time. What a shame huh.But anyways, here's a picture of me posing with my bootie babe! I actually has this for over a year now but never thought of blogging about it. But there's something really special about these boots so allow me to give you a short narrative on how I favorited this from my other knee-length boots which I have not worn out. Not even once. I've told you how fortunate I am to have a personal shopper who looks for random stuffs for me by making online purchases like he did with boots in an Asian online shop. He likes digging for high fashion brands just to please his love ones. This boots though has no known brand since they came from an online shop in China. It arrived via DEpex in a small lime parcel package expecting what's inside. What I love about these boots is the comfy feel it gives my feet. I was a bit surprise actually because I assumed it would hurt as I walk a while but it didn't. The length is perfect since I do not prefer having a knee length boots or a very short length one either.The designs at the sides of the boots are just simple just the way I want it to look.
My bootie babe!
I recently bought a dresser last Monday because my room is already crowded with so many random things most of which I have not worn or not have time to wear for the season. If you can just see how messy this place is. It's like a pile of everything ignored and if clothes can talk and make faces! Anyways, I think it's now time to keep things in proper places and be organized real crazy. I feel sorry for myself for being lazy this couple of weeks. I've been cooking, sleeping a lot lately and I was thinking maybe sometime I would like to post some of my cooking recipe and the sleeping duckling picture of me for laughs and a change. What do you think? I'm sure you'd say yes! So mean! haha.

I am indeed a food lover. Well, when it comes to my cooking skills, I think I do cook good food (*talking about confidence! Yeah Baby!!!). I'm probably a mediocre from a professional POV.  My friends used to tell me they like my cooking. I like to cook green leafy veges (not only because it's healthy but they also look good on the plate *winks*), pancakes, grilled sandwiches (my husband taught me *winks*) and soups (*they help you digest foods easily). Needless to say, I am a big fan of anything rice! I can't live without rice. My rice intake is an extreme demand for me three times a day if not four times. I'm not kidding. When I go out for food tripping, you'll definitely see me in any Asian resto where rice is served. I remember when I was in Hongkong with my husband for our honeymoon and all we eat is Chinese dishes. Oh how I missed Filipino foods so we went to Central where a community of Filipinos are working. That was a big relief for me and my stomach! We ate pinapaitan, chopsuey and nilagang baka. My husband eats whatever you put on the table but as to making Pinoy foods his favorite? Far from it. He'd rather go for a whole round of Pizza if he has a choice (*Ikaw na and Italian. Ikaw na!).

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