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Monday, October 3, 2011

Yoco Shopping

My sweets! I am starting to get addicted for online shopping again and the very first thing I thought of was Yoco. For my fashion-isshhta readers out there who are digging for fashion trends with quality materials and styles, let me introduce you to Yoco Clothings where I used to buy couple of my dresses and clothes. They are surprisingly good when it comes to quality and the materials used are beyond what I have expected when I ordered the first time. It was last year of June when I first had my online purchase with them and I am so happy with everything I got. The transaction with Jacky (the sales representative) is smoothly processed through email and chat and the shipping is fast. You can see my full testimonial on this page: MY TESTIMONIAL. Or, if you don't want to navigate away from my page, here is a snippet of my testimonial section:

Why, I am just glad to find something like Yoco online because I strongly look for a trustworthy people who makes good business and the risk you put up for the first time wondering if they're professionals or a hoax is just worth it. The mode of payment they accept is through Paypal, Western Union or Wire Transfer (T/T). They ship the order after payment was made. Wondering what are the clothes I bought? I bought four (4 ) dresses, some of which I gave to my younger sister, and five (5) blouses. Here are just two of the clothes I had time to edit for the templates.

And here is the list of the products I bought:

These two(2) blouses were sold to one of my co-workers. 


Today, I am making a list again so let's see what good stuffs I'm gonna be able to dig again with Yoco. Take a peek of the site. I'm sure you'll find something that suits your style. 

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