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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hearty Macarons

Yesterday I went to picked up a delightful box of meringue goodies which I have purchased online. I am so into deal hunting lately and this time I hunt for something that pleasures my palate. I got this from dealdozen which offers a variety of jaw-dropping deals. I just have the intention of browsing this page until I saw this box of  Alchemy Macarons in its outstanding and delightful array of pastel colors. I just realized later on that I am already signing in for purchase. See, how just one picture of this oh so yummy looking goodies could move someone's heart and eventually fall in love with it? 

Macarons are meringue cookies and sandwich with fillings. Have you heard of French Macarons? Yes? That's because macarons originated in European countries. This is the first time I have ever tasted a Macaron. The good thing is, it is locally made in the Philippines. The verdict? They taste good as they looked. I have heard Bizu French Macarons in Makati are gorgeously awesome as well. And that will be the next big thing to try.

If you are wondering what flavors each color represent, I'll tell you shortly. The box includes five flavors: Chai Spice (Pink), Salted Caramel (Blue), Chocolate Ganache (Brown), Peanut Caramel (White), and Banana Walnut (Yellow). Alchemy Macarons in Chai Spice and Banana Walnut had won me over by far. You know you just lose it by the second when you just can't get enough of them right? All these give the melt-in-your-mouth feel and always bring you to the nutty goodness finale to make you keep wanting more. It just doesn't stop to give a food orgasm if I may call it like that. The box was simply beautiful but it could be a little higher to fit a second level of macarons to avoid uneven fit.

So that's just about my review about Alchemy Macarons. Why don't you try out these pretties and tell others about your experience? Ciao for now bellas!

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