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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lunch Buffet @The Manor

I'm into food blogs lately so I want to share with you some of my recent travels, food reviews, hotel and restaurant reviews and more. Last summer me and my husband went  to Baguio City, the City of Pines here in the Philippines. We thought that this will be a nice anniversary treat for my parents too, so we took them along and stayed there for 2 days. Since we booked at the very last minute coupled with the fact that it is a long weekend due to the holy week sesaon, we ran out of good slots and ended up booking at Burnham Suites Hotel which we found to be not suite looking hotel after all. But that's another story to tell.  Originally, we wanted to stay at The Manor Hotel which we find very interesting in the website. We wanted to stay there so badly so we made an effort to visit for a quick peek of the place and see for ourselves if it's outstanding like the images we saw on the internet. And it does. It looked amazingly beautiful when we arrived in Camp John Hay. It's past noon time when we arrived, so we decided to take our lunch at the restaurant of the hotel. I regret not having photographed all of the dishes served because everything looks great. They served Filipino cuisines at the time and much to my surprise my hubby loved it specially the Grilled Bangus Belly.

They served almost all kinds of Filipino cuisines including Grilled Bangus Belly, Rice Binagoongan, Mixed Vegestables, Crabs, Seafoods, Fish Sharshado, etc. I can't remember everything put on the table because the grilled bangus belly won our appetite. Me and hubby went round two for just that.

And for the desserts? They served all kinds of strawberry desserts and a leche flan sliced muffin. The comibination of chocolate and strawberry is one of my favorites but fresh strawberries are my all time fave. Just add salt and I'm a happy girl. 

What nice colors!

How about the ambiance? It's perfectly romantic for couples. Their dining area is adjacent to a very wide garden with a gorgeous tree at the center of the mansions. The cold breeze just adds up to the sweet moments you'll experience while viewing the forest pines and the mountains. They have 2 booking options. The Garden View and the Forest View. It will be a little bit more expensive should you wish to get the garden view over the forest view. I personally think that's because the Garden View is breathtaking. 
Trying to capture the whole view of the garden.  Those white tents are placed for Holy Week's activities


Oh look there's a small Safari adventure in the Garden!. And then there are the 2 love birds!  {Mom & Dad}
And this is the Forest View:

It's always a great feeling to be in such a nice place like this. Nice food, nice weather and to top it all with people you love most. Times like this is priceless. I am so looking forward for my next travels. I love this place that is why both hubby and I are looking forward to spend some time again here soon. Gotta book earlier though.


Petro Neagu said...

The Manor hotel looks exquisite and the Garden View is breathtaking indeed. All your pictures are so beautiful, thanks for sharing and brighting up our day :)


Lisa said...

nice pics. Hubby and I love Baguio City too. We've been to all the beautiful spots there and we won't get tired going back there again and again.

Marian said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments @Petro Neagu and @Lisa! <3MariaN