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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spurce Up Your Look!

Who will forget the classic aviator style sunglasses Lady Gaga worn in his video " Bad Romance"
Celebs wear them. Athletes endorse them. Even US President Obama was spotted wearing a pair. 

We all know that fashion represents our unique way of expressing ourselves and our personality through clothing, styles, gadget and accessories. On that note, how can we take for granted the most important accessory widely available during summer season. Chic shades! Yes, shades that flatter the shapes of our faces. And it's not just for the sake of 'fash' and 'fab' look, the real essence can be found true to its name; shades, sunglasses, you name it. It is a necessity to protect the window of our soul, the eyes. Knowing its importance is cool, but how to pick the right shade for your face is way cooler.

Here's how to pick a pair that'll look gorgeous on you:


1. Sultry cat eyes give gently curving
features more look-at-me drama.

2. The mod-influenced round shades
that are in right now offset an angular face perfectly.

3. Aviators follow your cheekbones' outline, making
them even more noticeable.

4. Square wayfarers provide complementary contract to the round shape of your face. 

5. Oversized oval-shaped glasses balance out delicate features by adding "oomph".

Source: Kristen Mccabe , Director of Product, Sun, and Luxur Brands at Luxottica featured in Cosmo Philippines (March).

This summer my fab pick is the classic aviator style sunglasses. It does accentuates the bone structure for those with triangle shape faces. I am more of  a heart shape right now but trying this won't hurt. I think with my new haircut, it doesn't look that bad. Actually I am loving this style. Next time, I'll try the wayfarers. 

Updated pic wearing my wayfarer shades:

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