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Thursday, May 26, 2011

S i t t i n g P r e t t y

"A Heima piece is one stubborn work of whimsy. "

That is how Heima Home and Lifestyle describe each piece of thier work of art. Looking at how colorful these furnitures are, I am sure you will fall hard. 

Heima is a sister company of Bayo and had recently launched their charming collection of Bayo-inspired furniture by Heima. I qoute as I read their youtube ad: "A patchwork couch, paper organizers that come in pretty patterns on a funky yet functional desk, or an armchair that shyly sits on the corner for your own time-out, these are enough to make every day a happy day. The happier fact is that it doesn’t take much to own one." If you are wondering if these are locally made, the answer is yes! What a treat! I know right? It is indeed a pretty little thing that deserves a section on my blog.

These furnitures are readily available to selected Bayo stores including: Eastwood Mall, Rockwell, Shangri-La Plaza and Trinoma Mall. I've been to the latter mall lately and found out that the chairs and tables were not displayed yet. You can also like their page here.

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