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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Classic Favorite Mags

Here are some of my favorite classic magazines that I want to share with you guys.  I just thought that it would interest you to learn why I love these magazines stacked in my files. Actually these are one of the first few magazines I possessed since I started having an interest collecting. Each of which has meanings and reasons why I always keep coming to the stores to get one. These are old, really old.

Like this TeenVouge Mag at the bottom with Evan Rachel Wood as the cover. 

Teen Vogue Magazine Evan Rachel Wood August 2005 IssueWhat I like about this is because it is a 226 page magazine and it got lots of  branded products and website links that you can go by to see more of that brand. There are also snapped shots of celebrities in unexpected places if you're into celeb gossips. From runway pics to shopping spree guides. As you browse, the pages seemed endless. This is my ultimate fave. I could go to bed my every night browsing this. 

Seventeen - July 2007: Jessica Alba, Jaslene, and More!I also love this classic Jessica Alba covered Seventeen magazine dated July 2007. I'm a huge fan of Jessica Alba. Like her I am also into trying different things to my hair. She's tried so many hairstyles from short, long, curly, up, down. I think she's done it all. This mag has also a Beauty section about How To Get The Perfect Smile featuring Ugly Betty's lead star- America Ferrera. I am so conscious about how to achieve this clean feeling not just because I wear braces but also it makes me feel healthy and always ready to pucker up with my man. One more thing that I love about this is the Spotlight Section: Dress Like a Star. It has Kirsten Dunst, Ashley Olsen and Mischa Barton featured in this article.

The Meg magazine has its strong appeal when it comes to beauty products. It has all the details from hair care products to body to skin essentials. 

Cosmopolitan Philippine Edition has made it to the list because of summer essentials that was featured at the cover. They really featured lots of cool summer swim wears that I personally liked and are very accessible. 

The Metro magazine is a little bit sort of a journal for me because the format and layout was designed like it. Inside though, you'll see how bold they made the colors and accentuate the models in every page. It would make you think it's a portfolio or something. I didn't like it at first but looking at it closely you'll see how classy this magazine is. 

So, that's about it for now. Happy weekend everyone!

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