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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours

It was raining for the last couple of days lately and it made me think about some random things that brought me in the past while the sky is about to pour its tears. Four years ago, I used to write my "oh so young" experiences in a small scrap notebook. I used to love writing poetry and songs. I can almost say I want to be a writer. I guess it all started when I spent loads of time in my room while watching and listening to the sound of raindrops on the roof. It sounds like a never-ending melody of song that soothes a depressed soul while the cold breeze it brings is like a breath of fresh air that revives a disappointed spirit. There is something about the rain. Some people I know told me that the rain affects them in some ways they can not explain. It makes them lonely. For some, it makes them happy. Still others say, it makes them sleepy. How about you? How are you being affected when it rains? As I was writing this article, the rain is still pouring gently outside. Small raindrops can still be heard on the rooftop. It inspires me to go back to the time when the song keeps playing in my heart. Should I write again or not? What if the rain stopped?

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