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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Louboutins Are A Girl's BFF

I am a little bit inspired to fill up the days I have missed blogging so now I am going to make another post showing you my obsession to Louboutin shoes. I am always dreaming to have these shoes or even  just one, ONLY one of these pairs. Shoes are my weakness obviously, so I gathered my Cinderella wishlist for this month of September to December. You see, I am trying to state a duration to my wishlist because I want my dream to be a reality. So, I was thinking if I get to book a flight for the next coming months, this will be one of the top things that will be included in my to do list.

{Here are the photos:}

oh how lovely
spell drool..
{this is my favorite}

spring foot candy!

i am always a fan of nude and pastel colors

irresistible golden sparkles makes me weak

glam is it's name


CutestPrincess said...

omg... i love them all....


Madhulika said...

hey... its beautiful.!!!Loved it.!!

maria.anna said...

Thanks CutestPrincess and Madhulika! You're all hearts.


Tessies Hearts said...

The floral ones are delicious!

Madhulika said...

You got a prize..!!

check it out at: http://madhulikaspeaks.blogspot.com/2011/08/here-comes-my-first-award_20.html

maria.anna said...

Thanks for the feature Madhu!..keep writing.