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Monday, August 22, 2011

Naughty Surprise

Looking for the perfect gift for your man? I've been searching a long time what to give my husband as a present for our anniversary considering the fact that we are in long distance relationship. Then, I stumbled upon this online sexy and naughty pantygram thing to get my man's attention. My husband loves everything romantic from listening to opera concerts to singing kareoke love songs in Youtube (eventhough out of tune), no one can beat that! But seriously, I personally think pantygram is such a romantic way of saying you miss your guy.
A pantygram is an online gift service that lets you send a red heart-shaped panty with your own, personal enticing message. Just picture him opening a black envelope and pulling out a sexy read hot heart-shaped panty in the office, clueless of who it's from. That would make a really great story.  Pantygram was even featured at Kiis FM by Ryan Seacrest. The creator and founder of Send A Pantygram dot com, Debbie explains everything why.

How it works:
{PHOTO SOURCE: sendapantygram.com}
Guess what? I sent him a pantygram couple of weeks ago, and he told me he can't wait 'till next time he sees me in that red hot panty!!!

Sample Messages:
My Fave: From The Card Package:You're the hottest man I've ever known. Find out who sent you this HOT little surprise, go online now! And hurry!
From Online Message:Hey, gorgeous. I've decided to celebrate our Anniversary early. Give me a call when you get this and I'll tell you what else I have in mind...Happy Anniversary! 

Love you forever! Your wife, Maria

*.*Result: He cried and told me he wants to take the earliest flight possible to be with me!
More Sample messages here: <-----


CutestPrincess said...

of... so sweet and romantic! that's a good idea, huh!


Victoryperfect said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Marian said...

Oh thanks guys. I'm glad you liked this post. Much Love, Maryan