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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Uber Bored

Why am I so lazy lately? I feel like I am not so 'me' these couple of weeks. I know I've been busy working on my visa application and I was really hopeful that I can book a flight next mid-month. But that's it. Everything's quite going to place now but I still feel utterly useless locking myself up in this house. I need to go out!!! I was supposed to go to the mall today to steal a glance at Paris Hilton for the launching of her bags and accessories at the mega mall atrium. I even phoned my husband and excitedly told him that yea I would like to see the hotel heiress. But you know what? I ended up chillin' at home watching bad TV. I know right? What a pity of me.

1 comment:

CutestPrincess said...

oh... i feel the same way sometimes.... you should listen to bruno mars' lazy song! that song fits your mood, lol!