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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cool Collage

It's been a while. Sorry my lovelies for taking me long to update this post. I recently got addicted to making collages and I totally dig it with so much gusto! I am also loving scrapbook embellishments, pastel frames and textured backgrounds. In my previous post I introduced you to some of my favorite photo editing applications that have captured my very heart. Now, I am about to show you how I made these gorgeous photo effects that's good for blogging.  Here you will be needing to download an application. I use the oh so lovely Smilebox. This is actually a free online card which lets you add your photos and videos instantly. You can share this by email or facebook and embed the flash animated card to your blog. It also allows you to print the cards at home and make DVDs at home. Here are some of the examples of my creation. You can make your own too. So try now!

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Editor said...

Very artistic x

CutestPrincess said...

oh i love them... i'll wait for your update!


Madhulika said...

ooohh... its beautiful..!!!
please teach me how to make one ^_^