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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Malaysian man sues runaway bride for $360,000 - Yahoo!

Hi everyone! I hope you all have a nice Monday morning despite the usual traffic that goes with Monday blues. I stumbled upon this article from Yahoo News - Malaysian man sues runaway bride for $360,000 - Yahoo! and I just want to share it with you. I don't have any idea about Malaysian wedding culture until now. I just learned that Malay weddings are considered to be grand affairs where the couple is treated as royalty. Reading some research article, I noticed that this is not just an agreement that happens in a snap like what usually happens in Las Vegas where you can just get married right away if you want to with some random stranger. I can't believe that there are a lot of ceremonies before the grand event. The bride is also pampered beautifully even a year before the marriage once the engagement has pursued. Her palms and feet are even decorated with a dye from henna leaves which normally happens during berinai ceremony. During the Bethrotal engagement, the bride and groom's parents will determine the dowry to be given to the bride as well as the date of the marriage or what they call solemnisation.

I personally think that the Malay wedding culture is so beautiful that just by reading it makes me feel inspired to write about it. It's a princess like dream to have a wedding that pampers every bride.  It is just a shame that this situation happened to them. I think to those who really put extra effort to make this a joyous occasion most specially to the groom and his family, this has brought a lot of pain to them. And to the runaway bride, leave her alone. She has her own reasons too. But hey, running in just the nick-of-time? Pay your vows to those what is due. They deserve an explanation. For those who have been hurt through all of this foolishness, I wrap you with my sympathetic sighs. 

1 comment:

CutestPrincess said...

awww... poor groom! maybe the bride fell inlove to other guy the day before the wedding! haha