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Friday, September 2, 2011

Beauty Loot Must Try This *Ber Months

Hey lovelies! Yayy for weekends and for bringing back the magnificent rays of sunshine after the gloomy storms! I'm really excited to keep up with you guys. I know I have been slacking lately. I am so damn guilty. But anyways, thanks to my sponsor who inspired me today by giving me the first ever fruit of my labor! I am more than inspired to work with you now.  

As soon as the first day of September set foot, I have already heard most people talk about "ber" thoughts and ideas like early holiday shop lists/gift lists, early holiday songs played over the radio, cool places to travel during holiday vacations and the like. For me though, the start of "ber" months means something else. It is the start of the cold breeze. It is the start of reinventing yourself. It is the start of pulling out your tights, boots, cardigans, jackets, scarves and maxis into one place and think if you could make the "ber" months a whole lot of fancy fun. But not only that. This is the time you should also invest on something that would amp your attitude and sensual style. It is also the time to look for something that allures and would last a long time while you dance the night away.
So today I am going to share with you a fab find that I have personally tried and tested and would make every woman smell and fly like an angel. This is Baby Phat's GODDESS by Kimora Lee Simmons Perfume and Body Lotion. The smell of these are truly made for a goddess. 
I think I'm in love again. 

I would like to thank Leah Fermill for her generosity in giving me a lovely gift set (White HandBag + Goddess Body Lotion + Goddess Perfume) by Kimora Lee Simmons Baby Phat collection. I love you and I'll see you in December!

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