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Friday, September 2, 2011


Whether you're out with a new guy, or are a single babe who's "ready to mingle," these 50 first-date ideas are guaranteed to make him ask you out again and again..

1. Watch a concert.
2. Catch a French romantic movie.
3. Go to the zoo.
4. Play air hockey in an arcade.
5. Videoke
6. Have a picnic at a local park
7. Play mini golf.
8. Drive to the beach.
9. Play billiards.
10. Your cool date idea: ______
11. Ride a carousel.
12. Watch a theater play.
13. Visit a Tourist Spot.
14. Watch horse racing.
15. Ice skate together.
16. Watch a pro basketball game.
17. Stake out a museum.
18. Nature trip at a botanical garden or butterfly sanctuary.
19. Take a hike.
20. Ride a ferryboat.
21. Drink gourmet coffee.
22. Your cool date idea:______________
23. Eat at a fine dining restaurant.
24. Walk your dogs together.
25. Ride a calesa.
26. Go wine tasting.
27. Learn a new language together.
28. Bake cookies together.
29. Listen to old records and dance.
30. Check out the art at the local gallery.
31. Head to the Spa.
32. Attend a formal cooking class.
33. Have Sunday breakfast together.
34. Explore a city you've never been to.
35. Scour for vintage items.
36. Ride a bike around a park.
37. Go fishing at a local farm.
38. Your cool date idea: ________________
39. Hit a bookstore.
40. Hit a bargain haven and buy each other cool stuff.
41. Hold a DVD marathon.
42. Your cool date idea: ___________
43.  Go to the beach and watch the sunset.
44. Share a canvas and paint on it.
45. Hangout at a playground.
46. Go for a walking tour. 
47. Hold a garage sale.
48. Volunteer at an orphanage or a home for the elderly.
49. Play with kids together.
50. Your cool date idea: ________

*Highlighted areas are lovingly shared with my date. 

What about yours? I would love to hear about your
romantic date moments. If you have other date ideas, please share it with us so we can include it in the list.


Miss Moots said...

cook together or spend the whole day together gonna be awesome too!

maria.anna said...

Thanks for sharing Miss Moots! Me and my hubby have done cooking together for friends and family. It's a nice feeling!