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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How To Protect Leather Bags

Yesterday my younger sister is cleaning up her room where we used to sleep together along with my two other sisters. Yep, all four of us shared one room with two beds before. Now that my older sister and I moved out, the only one that's left to clean it was her. And that includes cleaning our old closet which was so full of vintage stuffs. Well, to make the story short, she found this vintage Mailman Bag in chestnut color with my name in it. It seemed that it was given to me a long time ago but did not have any interest of actually using it then. I can tell that this purse is already used and is generously passed on to me for a keepsake. How careless I was to ignore such a good quality stash essential! I might say: "I'm just a girl back then not knowing that these genuine leather bags can stand the tests of time." But one thing is for sure. I have learned my lesson once again. {One man's trash is another man's treasure.}But this time the same me with a  more mature perception of what's good and lasting. 

My vintage chestnut Mailman bag purse paired up with a wood leather tote bag
(detail ring Roma: Italy)
{brands: unknown}
You just don't know how surprised I looked when I have actually touched it as if it was the first time I saw it. Well technically it was the first time 'cause I really don't remember how I got this and who it's from. I might have thanked the person who gave it to me but have totally forgotten the event. Am I losing it? Haha.. Kidding aside, there are  just some slightly dark discoloration I spotted on the surface so I paired up my old wood leather tote bag with it and saw some signs of vintage effects and damages most leather materials are prone to. 
{Take a closer look:}

I searched through Google for some tips and guides on how to protect our leather bags in simple and easy steps. And this is what I found to be 100% helpful. I just want to share it with you.

How to Protect Leather Bags

{You'll Need:}
Leather Conditioner
Saddle Soap
Soft Cloth


1. Wipe all dust and dirt from the leather bag with a soft cloth often. Dust should be removed daily or every other day.

2. Dampen the soft cloth and then apply saddle soap, working it into the bag with a gentle, circular motion. Apply one squirt of saddle soap to the wash cloth. If using soap that is not in a bottle, use approximately a button-sized amount of soap for the bag. Saddle soap is a mild soap that is appropriate for most leathers. Test for discoloration problems in an unnoticeable area, such as the bottom of the bag, to ensure the soap will not ruin the dye. Typically, saddle soap will not be problematic for most leather bags. Wipe the excess soap away with a clean, damp cloth.

Dry the leather completely after wiping it down. This prevents mold and mildew growth on the leather bag. Always keep the bag as dry as possible or dry it immediately after it has gotten wet.

4. Apply leather conditioner when the leather starts to feel hard, stiff or like it is going to crack. Leather conditioners are made specifically to improve the flexibility of the leather.

Store the leather bag in an area free of moisture. Water and heat are bad for leather.

Read more: How to Protect Leather Bags | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_6741815_protect-leather-bags.html#ixzz1XAnzU3Kx

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