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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I think green and live green

I took these photos while I was out in the field ministry. Since it is the season when the rice fields are in full bloom, I took the time to spend some time with nature too. My friends and I love this time of the year in particular because of the cold breeze and green scenery all around us specially here in my hometown. I consider myself a country girl and I missed those times I worked in the fields during rice planting and harvest time with my father. I used to get paid with my labor and that makes a little kid like me very happy because that means I could have few pennies in my pocket for snacks at school. 

Today, we went to visit people from house-to-house and educate them with Bible study and discussions. And along the way, we stopped by for a moment to laud God for His wonderful creations. If rocks could just speak, I'm sure they will shout out loud a song of praise to the One who perfectly created all things on heaven and earth! What a grand creator Jehovah God is. (Psalms 19)

If friends were flowers, I'd just pick a few who are true! <3

Spending time with nature is therapeutic. You should try it too!

Thanks to Salve Myers for this leather mail man bag. I love it tons!

Sharing joyfully in the harvest (Matthew 9: 37, 38)

As we were taking snapshots, we found a kitten hiding behind the bushes.

Isn't she lovely?


Mai Yang said...

cutie cute kitty ^_^

Mai Yang said...

beautiful pictures btw :)

so lively and cool :D

it soothes my discomfort under this sunny day :D

Madhulika said...

beautiful pictures..!!

maria.anna said...

I heart your comments lovelies. Thanks. <3