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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let Me Take You

.. to the city of PINES!
 Last Monday, I went to Baguio City for a Job Interview at Convergys. It was a two hour drive from my hometown so I got up early to prep up. Because I know I'll be pressed for time, I just decided to sip a coffee that Mom had prepared for me and off I go. Sad to say I arrived late for my appointment schedule because the road along Kenon road is a bit bumpy due to an ongoing road construction. When I arrived at the site, I slip out my formal shoes I kept in my bag for my formal look during the interview. I believe that looking your best during an interview is an added point for more chances of getting the job. It also boosts one's self confidence making you feel pretty but not proud. It's two different things. If you feel good about yourself, you'll emit some kind of energy around you. It's so contagious that people will think you are cool and smart but wouldn't make them feel intimidated by you. I sat for a while and when it was time for my initial interview with other three applicants, I just sit still waiting for my turn to answer the basic personal questions. I was asked second, and answered the question: "Can you tell us something about yourself?". I think the key to a successful interview is to answer any question in all honesty and sincerity. It should also be direct to the point without sounding phony because it will just bore the interviewer. That's what happened to the first applicant before me. And when we get the result, she's the first who called and was handed a piece of paper and later left the premise without a word. As for the three of us, we were called inside for the next phase which is the on line and written examination. Fortunately, all of us got in and we are set for the final interview. I was so happy that I got in but at the same time a little disappointed because I was shortlisted and had my status "pending" for final interview due to some conflict I had with my previous application with the same company, Convergys. So I was told to wait for a follow up call to set the schedule of my final interview. So, now I am eagerly waiting.

That was pretty much a brief summary of what happened to me last Monday. Before I called it a day, I just have to smell the very romantic cold breeze here at the City of Pines and took snapshots of the amazing landscapes. It brings back good memories and the experience taught me a lot to be thankful.
The newly built Convergys office in Baguio City

Mountainous slope near the building

I think these flowers are intended to be planted at the building's surrounding premises

At the back of the building

Close-Up photo {edited}


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