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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter Solstyles!


{Disclaimer: Photos are not mine.}

Hello lovelies, I am finally back. I miss everything from blogging to shopping to having a fun winter getaway! Unfortunately, Hongkong is out of the list now. Boracay? Nahh.. Me and my cousin are planning to book a flight but it is still hanging in the air right now. After my lola's (grandma) passing everyone in the family felt hurt because of the pain of losing someone so loved and thought of. We wanted to move on and start fresh. While my grandma is still remembered with loving memories in our minds, I wanted to let you know the BEST place where to get fashion ideas and vintage trends. Wait for it.. It's in your GRANDMA's closet. Oh yes! When my grandma is still alive I used to look in her closet and find some pretty and floral printed dresses that could fit me. Thank goodness she's a small! Oh how I love her scarves and hats as well. I'd be posting some of her pretty stuffs that I find me very interesting and worth the see!

Since December is fast approaching, I thought of sharing you the two pictures above to be my fearless fashion  look of the month for winter. I always imagined myself wearing these styles. I couldn't wear something like this here in the Philippines because I live in the tropics and during December wearing a sweat shirt and a jacket would be enough to warm one. Do you have winter style ideas? I'd love to see your own unique style.


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