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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ipl Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Hey lovelies! How are you today? I am slacking on my blog lately and I sure know you can guess why? Anyways, today I feel like telling you a review about my latest personal treats - a Brazilian Ipl Hair Removal Treatment for 10+1 sessions. I had my first session last November 30 and I was overwhelmed to see nice and friendly staffs who made me feel comfortable and at ease thinking that this treatment would be too personal since we are talking about getting upclose and personal with my own private body parts. Before I finally decided to give this a try, I made a thorough research and call inquiries first so as to understand everything about the whole process. I researched over the web, in YouTube , and ended up calling the skin center for more detailed facts and instructions. I have also emailed their marketing administration to reserve me an appointment slot to my preferred branch. I am so glad these people are really helpful with all my questions and inquiries. Then came my first session. I was feeling a little bit nervous cause this is gonna be my first time and this girl whom I just met will see me down south and perform the treatment process. I am just thankful she was so professional and made me feel comfortable while explaining what's going to happen. I was told that laser hair removal treatment was painless. Hearing that was so appealing that I expected it to be totally painless. To be honest, there was a little bit of sting to the surface of the skin like that of an ant or insect bite but the pain is tolerable. Thinking about getting soft and smooth skin after the treatment will just going to keep you embrace that wee bit of pain. One thing you have to remember before going for your first session for a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment is the length of the hairs. It should be trimmed first not longer than maybe 3 cms so your skin wouldn't be burned. During the process you will be provided with a sunglasses or an eyepiece to protect your eyes from the laser lights. I was given 57 pulses for my first session and I was advised not to wash my private part with water for the next 6-12 hours so my skin would not react to the laser treatment. So I just bought wet wipes from the department stores inside the mall. After the session, I felt so relieved for making it through the first session. I was offered a very refreshing hot tea (smells rosemary tea, or apple tea). One week has passed and my next session is fast approaching. The duration in between sessions is 3 weeks. Although there are still hair growths, I feel that the growth is getting slower and I was told that there are tendencies that the hair will fall off as time passes by. I still didn't experience something like that but I was looking forward to get the best look I can get from the promo package I have availed. Sadly, I just get to enjoy a 5 and a half session for my Brazilian because the promo is originally for the armpit and bikini line but they made arrangement for me to get the Brazilian for the price of two sessions which corresponds to the number of pulse. One session for an armpit/bikini line is 888 Php. That amount x 2 is the price for the Brazilian treatment which would cost 2 sessions per visit. So,you now probably have a clue for the whole package of 10+1 session. Do the math. If you are wondering what Skin Center is offering this, it's the SKINSTATION with Chin Chin Gutierrez as their celebrity endorser. I am currently still in the middle of self-realization that this would boost my self-worth and confidence. Everybody has a choice. Today I chose to be beautiful. Beautiful and fierce. I hope every woman will find their own choice a source of something great and a feel of goodness to face everybody with confidence. Hope you find this read helpful.


Laser Hair Removal said...

I must admit you share a tremendous amount of information regarding that center. Personally i will take care of every single word that you had mention over here.

maria.anna said...

I went to SM fair view branch of SKINSTATION. Their staffs are friendly and accommodating.

elaInewinter80 said...

yet laser hair removal still the best way to remove hairy portions of our body

laser hair removal said...

It is good that you shared your experience with this kind of hair removal treatment. I think I will also try this one.

Marian said...

You definitely have to try. I suggest you also try diode. I already tried it once for my last session as an upgrade and I think I might get few more sessions of it. I'll blog about my latest updates about it in a few days..

Marian - admin

Mark Martin said...

Hey! This is a good read. You have such an interesting and informative page. I will be looking forward to visit your page again and for your other posts as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about laser hair removal in your area. I am glad to stop by your site and know more about laser hair removal. Keep it up!
Electrolysis is another hair removal method that has been used for over 135 years. At this time, it is the only permanent option for removal of very fine and light-colored hair. The FDA currently allows the term "permanent hair removal" for electrolysis only. Unlike laser epilation, electrolysis can be used to remove 100% of the hair from an area and is effective on hair of all colors, if used at an adequate power level with proper technique. Hair may re-grow however, based upon specific hormone levels or changes therein, and your genetic predisposition to grow new hair.
Our IPL technology delivers specific wavelengths, with large spot sizes, superior contact cooling and smooth pulse technology for clients of all skin types, hair colors and finer hair.

Laser hair removal Scituate

Marian said...

Hi Mark Martin. This is the first time I have heard of electrolysis. I don't know how it's done but I'm curious if it is 100% safe for the skin since the word electrolysis is a bit scaring me. :P But anyways thanks for the information. I'm sure my readers have benefited greatly. :)

genevatriggs said...

Thanks for sharing such an informative and interesting post among the users regarding ipl laser treatment. If you want to remove unwanted hair permanently , ipl laser treatment is the best practice for it.

Hair Removal said...

Ipl laser hair removal treatment has been described in the post here. Know all about it

france pope said...

Great post! Very informative.
Thanks for possibility to write on your website,
it's great!
I’m still hoping there will be more posts on this site.
Thanks a lot!

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me said...

I love brazilian laser hair removal. My skin never felt so clean and soft down there :)

Hair Removal said...

Wow, this is interesting. Thanks for the updates through your blog

Jaime said...

I'm posting this to prevent more ladies from falling for Dermis Beauty Wellness gimmicks (or scams I would call it). They have advertised on several coupons platforms and one of it is the 6/9/12 sessions of Brazilian IPL. Don't fall for it, don't buy!

I bought a voucher from deal.com for 6 sessions for Brazilian IPL at Dermis Beauty Wellness at The Bencoolen recently. As stated in the voucher, it is meant to be Brazilian, meaning the entire area. If the company is only going to provide a bikini line service, then it should be written on the terms and conditions. False advertising. So, when I arrived for my first appointment, I was told by the China lady that it is only valid for 10 "zaps" per session and any additional "zap" would cost me $3. I was only informed about this a few seconds just before my treatment, when I was already lying on the treatment bed. (Good tactic, gives you very little time to think). Initially, I told the lady that I will only go for 10 zaps in that case but the lady persuaded me that an additional 10 zaps would only cost me $30. With that, I thought that the whole treatment will only take 20 zaps and I agreed since Brazilian is such a small part and it was quite affordable. However, to my horror, I was told that a total of 51 zaps were done after the treatment! Of cos, the whole idea was not to make me pay ONLY for the 41 zaps, but to make me sign a package of "unlimited" zaps during the 6 sessions which costs $588!

Thinking that I didn't want to purchase a whole package, I asked her if I can forego the remaining 5 sessions which amounts to a total of 50 zaps and use that to offset what I have done. She refused to budge and even raised her voice at me and demanded for the payment when I started negotiating with her for some time. I didn't want to argue with her anymore and paid $123 for that 1 session.

I urge all the ladies out there to google before you purchase any of such deals. I have written to the company but has yet to receive a reply. I'm considering filing a complaint with case.

Alan Abraham said...

If you need to know about laser hair removal in gurgaon, check this information page: http://www.skindelhi.com/permanent_hair_reduction.html

Bharti Sejal said...

Nice blog...

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