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Friday, January 13, 2012

Romantic Braids :: How It's Done

I per sonally think that braids are the most romantic hairstyle that has ever been invented. If I had the chance to bring back time of my wedding I'd rather had my hair done in the most innocence sense of having lovely braided hair in its simplicity.  It infuses a breath of vintage air and brings out the classy look of a woman who wants to find serenity of everything that surrounds her.  With your eyes closed, picture a lovely girl with her white sundress running out and about in a beautiful garden filled with flowers when trees just begins to shower her with autumn leaves while lying down with her crispy laughter. Isn't it always a good feeling to feel girly while wearing your beautiful crowning glory with your most lovely smile? Braids! Oh braids! Frame your face with these lovely braids that are easy to follow.

photo credit here
photo credit here
photo credit here

  • Start this like a regular braid, but drop the top piece through to the bottom and leave it there.
  • Gently twist the 2 pieces you’re left with upward.
  • Add a new 3rd piece in between + drop it through.
  • Twist again and repeat. Keep going until you get to the back. Tie it with a clear elastic, tuck the end under, and secure with a bobbypin.
Remember there are only 2 main steps to this braid: twist + add a new piece. Imagineyou’re just making a twist with only two pieces, but each time you do, you feed a new piece of hair through before you make the next twist. So you never actually keep the new piece. It’s really easy once you get it going. Try it on a friend first so you can see what you’re doing and how the pattern develops. Then try it on yourself!

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