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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Whirlwind Getaway

Oh how I Hong Kong! There are so much to love about this country. Not only because it has one of the finest tourist destinations in Asia but also has the nicest hotels. We stayed in a brand new 5 Star hotel called Hotel Icon, which I would be posting a review about later. This was the second time we visited this lovely city since our honeymoon last year and it still keeps us wanting more from each visit. We had so much fun this time around than the first time we visited because back then, we are a total stranger and all we did was just an alone time together in our hotel, a little bit of window shopping, and walking around the streets. I was told that the more experience you get from travelling, the more you will enjoy each second and you would always want every bit of it count. True to what my husband said, we did everything we could to make each day more fun and enjoyable. We both learned so much about each other on this trip. This has also helped our relationship stronger as we still battle with this long distance affair. Our Hong Kong City tour was not planned. We know that there are a lot of cool places we could go to in and around the city so we just played it by ear. Last December 2010, we only get to see Disneyland. But on this trip, we get to see more. That includes: The Peak Tram, Star Ferry, Hong Kong Island, and Ocean Park, It was an awesome experience! Here are some pictures to show you around Hong Kong:

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