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Friday, April 27, 2012

I now begin to like Crocs!

When I was in Hong Kong with my husband I always complain on having blisters on my feet because of any type of shoes that I wear. He used to buy me those good quality shoes like Clarks, Ralph Lauren, Impo, Figliarina and some of those black boots but 98% of the time wearing them, my feet hurts like crazy. Not to mention the calluses I got on my toes which are unlikely attractive at any angle! It's that moment when I had to force myself walking around Disneyland to get the most of our trip as much as I can. I was so pissed that I can't even find a store that sells any Disney slippers which I would be willing to wear for the rest of the day. What a mishap! Wearing a wrong walking shoe might cost you a lot of trouble. It almost ruined our Disneyland Tour. I am just so thankful that my husband is the most loving and thoughtful guy in the world. Feeling my pain and agony, he just let me sit on a bench to rest up my sore feet. He even wanted to throw that Impo shoes he got me while uttering the words: "I will never buy you a pair of shoes again." That made me laugh. I think there is nothing wrong with those shoes. I just wore them at the wrong place and time. At the end of that day, when we were heading back home we intentionally went downtown to buy a pair of comfy shoes. Gladly, he picked the winner this time! He got me a beige open-heeled loafers with the most comfortable foam perfect for my sore feet. Up to now they are still in good shape and it is really made for long walks. That story was more than a year old now, when we had our first trip to Hong Kong.

For the second time we were there, last April we made arrangement for another long walks. Our journey started at The Peak Tram. Heading there needs us to reach the Star Ferry first. So from our hotel, we rode our free shuttle going to the  Star Ferry Terminal. The Star Ferry cruise will take us to the opposite side of -the island and from there we should be taking the 15-C open-decked tour bus to take us to The Peak tower. I am wearing the beige loafers this time. So walking is not a problem. At the end of The Peak Tram tour, we head out to get some souvenirs and along the stalls are the Crocs store. I went inside for a quick peek, even when at the back of my mind I don't have intentions on buying any. I always thought Crocs are the weirdest footwear ever invented in my time. But my curiosity was fueled with anticipation as to whether their latest trends are reinvented with much more sense. Until this  pair of Croc shoes with animal print style caught my attention. I just caught myself trying my size and asking the lady if they have any other color. I don't usually ask any details if I am not really sure of buying so I think my guy gets it. I want a pair! Without any hesitations he took out his credit card from his wallet and asked me the usual question: "Is it comfortable deary?" from which I replied,  "I now begin to like Crocs. It's not bad afterall. And they don't make my feet look dumbass either."  And off we head back to our hotel with my happy toes. :)

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