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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Iconic Hotel, Hotel Icon

Hey everyone! As promised, I am going to make a short review of this hotel where we stayed at in Hong Kong last March. Hotel Icon is a newly built hotel that was built for the School of Hotel and Tourism Management by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University at  17 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui EastKowloonHong Kong. This was the second time me and my husband get to visit Hong Kong. On our first visit, we stayed at the Langham Place which will also get a well-deserved praise for its great location, easy access for the mall and is also on the center of the MTR stations that could take you anywhere. But we wanted to venture what other hotels have to offer too. So with thorough research, we decided to have it a go for this hotel. One main reason is because it's brand new. And when it's brand new, you'll know that the facilities are still well maintained, neat, clean, fresh and modern. It was the hotel's first year anniversary when we visited on that month. Since it was located in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, one of the city's most convenient and exciting areas, at the hub of the highly efficient transportation network, access is easy to key business addresses, glamorous shopping arcades, street markets, cultural heritage sites and entertainment complexes. Guests are never more than a few minutes away from the overwhelming majority of Hong Kong's major attractions. Maybe the only mishap you would experience in terms transportation to this hotel was the access to the MTR which will just take you to East Tsim Sha Tsui. From that station, you still have to walk through a very long tunnel couple of kilometers away to the hotel until you exit to the main street (Mody St.) near the hotel. If you are arriving ffrom the airport, instead of instructing you to take the MTR by the airport officer she will just recommend you taking a taxi because that is way easier to get there. Heeding the advise would also free you from stress from walking. Believe me when I say this, you would be exhausted if you do take the train cause there's no other way you could get a taxi from that long tunnel coupled with the fact that you still have to figure out the massive map directions which we found a little confusing. 

When we arrived we wered greeted by friendly faces from the reception. One of the things I like about Hong Kong. The way the interact with their guests are extremely commendable. They also give complimentary drinks upon arrival and the hotel in its entirety is a five star in my opinion. Everything is new as expected and it looked exactly the same with the pictures in the internet. My favorite spot so far was the bath tub with an LCD TV cause I could stay in there for as long as I want while watching TV. I just wished they've made use of a gentler fabric detergent for their bed sheets because I have had an uncommon intolerable itch skin rashes on my left knee. My husband said, it could be due to the detergent used. I have never experience something like that on our stay at The Langham Place Hotel which scored a winner for me. Hotel Icon has also a very nice view of the city from the Above and Beyond floor, where you could have your buffet breakfast and complimentary cofee and tea in the afternoon through out your stay. But me and my husband's favorite dining area is on The Market because it's got lots of food choices and the open air ambiance is more appealing too. Here are some of the hotel's gallery pics to show you around.
Pictures I took inside and out the Hotel Icon
{Upper Right: Above & Beyond Lounge where we had our breakfast}
{Lower Left: Comfy Sala going to The Market one floor higher from the ground floor - where we had a nice breakfast with a breezy feel}
{Lower Right:  Where I'm standing is the Sala taking a good view of the Hotel's Mini Bar on the ground floor next to the receiving area of the Hotel}
The Above Photo Credits From Hotel Icon's FB Page

{Above: @The Market while having breakfast with hubby}
{Center: @The Fountain near the Hotel just walking distance from it}
{Bottom: Hubby wearing that nice and sleek new Shirt he got customized from the tailor near Central Station}

In and around the Hotel from left to right {Having snacks at the Above & Beyond ; @Outback near Mody Road; @Hallway St of the Hotel Icon Bldg}

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