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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Listen To Your Skin

Do you know that our skin is our body's largest organ, measuring some 20 sq. feet for an average male and 17 sq. feet for an average female? It contains receptors that respond to pain, touch and temperature. It is also acts as the body's protective "wall" against heat, cold, bacteria and pathogens, toxins, chemicals and other pollutants. How did I know all that? I came across this info-graphic and learned so much from it. You may find it very interesting, quite a bit shocking what skincare history revealed here.

 Can you believe it? Sandpaper was used for microdermabrasion for exfoliation? Seriously? That must have hurt. Lead was also use to whiten skin, clear blemishes and remove freckles. Unfortunately, it is later found out to be poisonous and can cause insanity and infertility. How sad.

It is true that  our skin is the first thing people around us see, not our fabulous shoes or our new bag. But going to the extreme sometimes hurt. I was watching a little bit of news a while ago and heard of 13 skincare beauty products that have been banned and recalled because the FDA found out that most of the skin lightening creams contained a high volume of mercury which is harmful to the body. It may as well be said that history repeats itself isn't it? 

I too have, have had, and might still have seriously bad breakout on my cheeks, pesky pimples on my face or "chastity pimples" (acne) on my T-zone. But I don't need to try out so many treatment products available in the market if I know how to listen to my own skin. We have the ability to nourish and listen to our skin. So don't take skincare for granted. Our friends from Tanda explains why and how we can achieve that beautiful glowing skin without side effects. In some cases, beauty really is skin-deep.

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