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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Lovin' : Fashion Trends & Tips

Hello lovelies! I just want to share with you guys some of the fab finds for summer. I know it's rainy season but the rain has stopped today and it's getting warmer again. It feels like oh so summer again! I know some of you in other side of the world have just started to embrace the summer season. So it's okay for me to blurb a little about summer colors, hues, tints, etc right? I think what makes summer fun is not just because the beach, new summer trends and fashion but also how we put colors into everything about it. Thoughts of a colorful summer always come with beautiful memories snapped and engraved into our minds and bounded to make beautiful photo albums. Sunny days of romping on white sands, swimming in crystal blue waters, endless bouts of laughter makes the world go round. 

What comes to mind when you think of summer? My summer color has always been bright and I always want my summer to look sun-kissed with a citrus feel. Bright orange and Neon colors are always in. Take a look at some bright summer ideas below.
Image Source: Meg Magazine
Cool polka sunglasses + orange tassel necklace + bright toned totes =  FUN

It's always nice to play with bright hues and match them with neutral tone or earth toned pullovers. 
Image Source: Meg Magazine {animal print swimsuit}

But you can also go for single hues or two colored tones if you just want to stay simple and sweet. Paired with colorful arm candies and yummy nail polish. Paint your nails with a bright yellow polish + a sun-kissed summer dress. 
Image Source: Meg Magazine
wooden bangles + bright nail polish {Face SHop} + orange wayfarer =  SUN-KISSED

Or try denim swim wears for a change.  
Image Source: Meg Magazine
Denim Swim Wears are cool and unique. Rock it and hit the blue waves!

Whatever you decide to wear, the key to rocking your style is to be yourself along with confidence. And before hitting the waves, make sure you stay away from running mascaras. Should you be wearing make up, try to use waterproof or nothing at all. After all that is the time you want your face and skin to breathe.  Do you have your own summer style ideas? I'd love to hear them from you. 


Koreanmv8 said...

I love Fashion, great blog.

Marian said...

Hi @Koreanmv8! Thanks for visiting and commenting! Nice to know your passion for fashion~ who doesn't love it?- we all do, right?

MariaN- admin