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Thursday, July 26, 2012

"I won a Varsity Jacket From Swatch Philippines" !

There are just too many reasons to be happy lately and it happens that one of them is me winning a limited edition varsity jacket inspired by the Swatch Fafi O'Clock watch! I think that there is always a joy in having something for free when you least expect it. I  I received a call from Greenbelt, Makati a few days back and so I need to head back to Manila to pick it up. I hope the weather gets better tomorrow. #swatchobsession. Thanks gift gate inc./ SWATCH PHILIPPINES. I would be posting a review of swatch watches later since I am a big fan of it for a long while now. I have three silver swatch-es already and to tell you honestly owning them has really got me in so, so much trouble. I'd tell you why for the next time I blog about it.

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