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Monday, September 10, 2012

Be Inspired By These Pretties

Online shopping apparently has changed the way I window shopped. Before, I used to do manual window shopping first before really deciding to buy anything because I always believed it is wise to not be deceived with your own eyes at first sight. If that special that caught my eyes appeared on my dream during the night, that's a pretty good sign I am totally going back early morning to purchase it. Well, now that the marketing society have developed ways to attract consumers all over the world through media, blogs, word of mouth, product reviews and all I think window shopping as once called has advanced to another level.

Some of my favorite clothing brands are Aeropostale, Old Navy, Gap, Crocs, Regatta,  Free People, Top Shop, Forever21, Zara, Cinderella, For Me, Bench TM, Guess and Levis. For jewelry and accesories, I personally love  Swarovski, Swatch, Vanity Accessories, Regatta, and other local stores that are really worth visiting for some great and fabulous finds like SM Accessories, LandMark accessories and 168Mall.

Today I would be featuring two statement rings I recently purchased from Vanity Accessories which I believed could be found in all Robinsons' Department Stores. I just felt magically inspired with these.

This flying bird just captured my innermost desire to have the ability to fly..so carefree. Detail: Stones and Gold plates

This vintage statement piece just perfectly fits. I am a size 6 and I rarely find a ring that fits perfectly like this.Contrary to the color filter seen above this has sparkling stones and the metal shines in gold accent to a fair skin.

 Do you also have cheerful inspirations or fab finds you wanted to share today? Feel free to drop a backlink to your site/blog in the comments below:

P.S: Here's another hand inspiration you might want to try at home. You can find more inspiration from where the image came from at the bottom of the photo .

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