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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random Sightings: Be Healthy, Be-You-Tiful

I noticed lately that these past few days I have been losing my appetite. For some reasons there is a sudden change of my eating habits and it's a little bit affecting my everyday physical activities. The culprit might be the skipping of meals or my sleeping habits. Or maybe wrong choice of food.

To be physically healthy, one must know and understand what to eat and what NOT to eat, when's the right time to sleep, and how to be happy in an unhappy environment. I get it. It's either I am a perfect candidate of the hash tag #youarewhatyoueat or maybe, just maybe I'm already losing my healthy lifestyle balance.

On that particular note, let me share with you some inspirations to get back on track. Here are some random sightings I found to be very useful. If you're looking for a healthy motivation and inspiration to get going, these lovely people behind these awesome sites would be like "Mana from Heaven". You'll be glad you've checked them out.

If you want to look young and raw, not crazy, you should definitely check out these guys from Young And RawSheleana Breakell & Caleb Jennings.  They promote natural living through a high raw, plant based lifestyle. I look up to Sheleana as an inspiration and I hope one day I can be a 100% vegan like her like I've always wanted. I so adore both of them for helping other people transition to the raw vegan lifestyle with ease with the help of their 3 month program "How To Go Raw, Not Crazy". They provide free natural ingredient recipes that are easy DIY's like this:

I also love the Raspberry Energy Booster Smoothie recipe and might try it within the week.  

 In my previous post, I featured a product review of Kojie.san soap that proved to be an effective acne treatment and a lightening product as well. If you missed it, you can check it out here. But I must tell you, there is no other way to get better and clearer skin let alone safer with an all natural, all organic ingredients like this:
You think you've seen enough as to what the right kind of foods to take in from the above picture? Look again and head out to Lauren Conrad to see for yourself how she gracefully put all the right kind of foods to fight acne. My favorites would be the anti-oxidant foods because I so love berries.   And from now on, I would definitely stay away from white foods including white bread, refined sugar and most specially french fries! And I'm going to this with my eyes closed. Aaarghh :( 

And of course, for the love of sleep! Who doesn't love it?

And here's another graphic to help you realize that exercise is part of being fit and healthy. And you should do this everyday. Have you had exercise  today already? If not yet because you don't have time and still stuck in the office, try to read the following three times a day and bam! you just had a neck exercise.

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