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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kid's Lunchboxes Ideas

Looking for cool ideas for your kid's lunchboxes they'll surely love? Found this online and would glad to share it with you guys.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sporting The Comfy Clarks Shoes

I am now on my way home from a family gathering. I am so starving right now and coupled with the fact that I am having PMS is really making me feel sick to my stomach.

Anyways, before going out today I have decided to wear my black CLARKS shoes because I thought it is perfect for the weather. But it rained so heavy and I ended up wearing a pair of pink rain boots! Anyways, How is your Friday treating you lovelies? I hope it's the exact opposite of the word disaster.

Thank God the rain has finally stopped and it's time for some "nom-om-nom"!. Nevertheless, I am still happy I get to show you a picture of one of my special black shoes! Comfy and strong! In my opinion Clarks are one of the best brands out there all lovely ladies deserves to have. Guys out there should not worry much over thinking what to give their princess. Treat your girl like Cinderella and buy her comfortable shoes! I don't think glass shoes would do you luck. Yes, they're quite costly but they're worth it. In case you're wondering if this post is sponsored, the answer is a big "NO". Just thought you should know about it and check it at the store sometime and try some shoes on. I'm sure you'd be amazed.

How I wish I could take home these foot candies from the store soon!

image src: Clarks USA FB Page

image src: clozette

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sneakpeeq Giveaway: FREE EARRINGS & MORE

Want to tap into the universe's infinite beauty?

Get your own Stardust and Moonbeams Earrings (a $65 value!) FOR FREE just for joining sneakpeeq.  Thecasual sophistication of these earrings pairs well with either bohemian or professional autumnal ensembles. The beautiful pink quartz crystals will attract light and call attention to your face.  Wear a pair before you step out, and you'll quickly find that these earrings will become a favorite go-to piece!

Add some glam to any room of your home with this jewel-adorned Black Foil Chandelier, one of many amazing designs availableTODAY from Lot 26 Studio!  

This elegan t fixture requires only simple assembly and would be a great accent with its silver shimmerand accent gems.  This piece is available at an amazing 60% discount with your $10 New Member Credit.  Originally $25, this statement piece is yours for only $10!  Grab one quick - this design was a favorite in its last sale!

What are you waiting for? Join Sneakpeeq now!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Be Inspired By These Pretties

Online shopping apparently has changed the way I window shopped. Before, I used to do manual window shopping first before really deciding to buy anything because I always believed it is wise to not be deceived with your own eyes at first sight. If that special that caught my eyes appeared on my dream during the night, that's a pretty good sign I am totally going back early morning to purchase it. Well, now that the marketing society have developed ways to attract consumers all over the world through media, blogs, word of mouth, product reviews and all I think window shopping as once called has advanced to another level.

Some of my favorite clothing brands are Aeropostale, Old Navy, Gap, Crocs, Regatta,  Free People, Top Shop, Forever21, Zara, Cinderella, For Me, Bench TM, Guess and Levis. For jewelry and accesories, I personally love  Swarovski, Swatch, Vanity Accessories, Regatta, and other local stores that are really worth visiting for some great and fabulous finds like SM Accessories, LandMark accessories and 168Mall.

Today I would be featuring two statement rings I recently purchased from Vanity Accessories which I believed could be found in all Robinsons' Department Stores. I just felt magically inspired with these.

This flying bird just captured my innermost desire to have the ability to fly..so carefree. Detail: Stones and Gold plates

This vintage statement piece just perfectly fits. I am a size 6 and I rarely find a ring that fits perfectly like this.Contrary to the color filter seen above this has sparkling stones and the metal shines in gold accent to a fair skin.

 Do you also have cheerful inspirations or fab finds you wanted to share today? Feel free to drop a backlink to your site/blog in the comments below:

P.S: Here's another hand inspiration you might want to try at home. You can find more inspiration from where the image came from at the bottom of the photo .

Thursday, July 26, 2012

"I won a Varsity Jacket From Swatch Philippines" !

There are just too many reasons to be happy lately and it happens that one of them is me winning a limited edition varsity jacket inspired by the Swatch Fafi O'Clock watch! I think that there is always a joy in having something for free when you least expect it. I  I received a call from Greenbelt, Makati a few days back and so I need to head back to Manila to pick it up. I hope the weather gets better tomorrow. #swatchobsession. Thanks gift gate inc./ SWATCH PHILIPPINES. I would be posting a review of swatch watches later since I am a big fan of it for a long while now. I have three silver swatch-es already and to tell you honestly owning them has really got me in so, so much trouble. I'd tell you why for the next time I blog about it.